In addition to the use of magnets and electricity, there are also heat pumps that use sound. It sounds a little strange indeed, but indeed the sound that comes out of a speaker can be used to cool the room temperature if treated with the right way and equipment. Thermo-acoustic refrigerators use sound properties to compress and stretch air. Through this principle, compressed air will experience an increase in temperature, while the air whose pressure drops will also decrease its temperature, so that if a proper system is made using this phenomenon, then an inverse Brayton cycle will be created. Meanwhile, if your heat pump or cooling system is damaged, we suggest you hire the hvac repair Columbia SC as soon as possible.

Its primary component is the sound source (speaker), heat and cold heat exchangers that enclose a regenerator or stack (a part composed of small parallel spaces), and a resonator chamber. These components are arranged in a long tube chamber with the speaker at one end. When the stack is placed at the right distance inside the resonator, temperature differences will be created on both sides of the stack. If both sides of the stack are fitted with heat exchangers, heat transfer can be created.