Torrent Sites client it is also a HTTP and FTP client. In fact the developers call it a “download management software”. It is fast, easy to use and has medium use of system resources. Although it had some troubles in the past and was banned from several trackers for ignoring the “private flag”, those problems are solved and Torrent Sites is regaining credibility. You may choose again your language from 52 others and you have can install some plugins (e.g. for eMule). However it lacks remote control administration and Super seeding. Conclusion:

So these are the best Torrent Sites clients I advice you to use on Windows. There are others of course but my opinion is: stick to one of the popular clients because they are tested, accepted on all trackers and periodically updated and improved.You can share torrents with your friends and chat with them using pirate bay Network. The Torrent Sites downside is that is written in Java and requires a JRE. So if you don’t care about the use of system resources and want to chat with your mates and share torrents Vuze might be your ideal client. But if you have a slow PC don’t go with pirate bay.