In choosing a carpet we must be observant in order to get quality carpet material. Of course, we also have to determine the carpet design that is in line with the concept of the room. However, even if your carpet looks cool, if it’s dirty, it’s true beauty will be covered by stains and it smells bad. When it happens, you can call the northern beaches carpet cleaning to clean it for you.

Actually, what kind of carpet design is suitable for our home? Now instead of getting curious, let’s look at some of the best carpet designs that beautify your home:

Striped carpet

Many people avoid stripes because these motifs are considered to only make the room feel full, especially if installed in a narrow room. But apparently this one assumption is not true you know! We can also use striped carpets in various rooms, even though the room.

Surely the carpet of these lines will not cause the room to feel crowded if we choose the size of the carpet that is indeed the size of the room. Even these striped carpets will make our room look sweeter than before!

Gray carpet

The gray color is identical to the concept of a minimalist or modern home, just as if we chose a gray carpet. Using this gray carpet not only gives a futuristic touch to our home but will also make guests more comfortable to stop by.

We can also add ornamental plants in the corner of the room to make the room come alive and not only dominated by gray.

Bright colored carpet

Many people refuse to use plain carpets because of their monotonous impression. But who would have thought if choosing a plain carpet can make our room seem wider than the original size?

No wonder that many narrow spaces use plain carpet because the room will seem more spacious and we can move more freely.

If it feels monotonous, we can choose brightly colored rugs to make the room feel more cheerful. Instead, we can choose a neutral carpet color to be combined with a minimalist or modern home concept.

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