Unwittingly, some of the bad habits that you do on the smartphone can make your smartphone battery age quickly decrease until it is severely damaged. For that, you need to reduce or even stop bad habits that can result in reduced battery life. So that the age of your smartphone bet lasts a long time, you need to avoid habits that can damage your smartphone battery. Meanwhile, if you want to restore your dead smartphone battery, we suggest you check out Ez battery reconditioning reviews.

Here are some bad habits that need to be avoided so that the condition of the handphone battery is always durable or long-lasting:

The mobile screen that is too bright

One reason your smartphone battery runs out quickly is that the screen brightness is set too high. Mobile battery power will run out faster when the light used on the mobile screen is made very bright. When you always run out of battery power due to the high screen lighting settings, then you will get used to always charging continuously.

Well, rather than you get used to charging the battery which would actually damage the battery life, it would be better to reduce the level of light or use a background or dark background to further help the life to be durable.

Activating WiFi Networks All The Time

The habit that can make mobile batteries quickly broken next is to constantly look for WiFi signals. The habit of always activating WiFi mode can result in the use of quite a lot of battery power. This is because mobile phones are constantly looking for WiFi signals.

To avoid this problem, you can deactivate the WiFi network when outside the room far from the WiFi area. This is useful to prevent smartphones from looking for signals that are not used. That way you can reduce battery depletion and continuous recharging.

Frequently Charging the Battery in the Car

The habit of charging a battery in a car is almost often practiced by several people. Though this habit is not recommended. Similarly, charging using powerbank. Charging a smartphone battery in a car can reduce battery life. This is because the electric current is not in accordance with the needs of your smartphone.