In recent years, sports, especially running, have become part of people’s lifestyles. Not a few of the novice runners who also dare to try to participate in competitions such as marathon running. However, according to a Football Team National Physiotherapist revealed that there are still some things that are not yet known by novice runners when trying to join the marathon, one of which is still focused on distance. Though the possibility of getting injured in the knee is very large, and your place may be quite far from the knee specialist los angeles knee specialist los angeles.

Beginner runners do too focus on distance. For example, I used to be 20 kilometers, my friend who is not used to running wants to run. Because he saw me, he wanted 20 kilometers but he was guaranteed to be injured and be cured.

The first thing that must be considered by novice runners is a matter of the condition of their bodies. So look at yourself, for example running around a soccer field with a standard size, two rounds. If after two turns try again slowly, make this a routine and in three weeks the reaction will be good. You will be able to quickly increase the distance.

The portion of the training to take part in the marathon can be calculated per week. For example, if someone runs four times a week, they should not be able to run at the same distance and time in that time period. This he said, can make the body saturated and injured.

There is a certain pattern. If the first day is 10 kilometers, the second day is 10 kilometers, the third day is 10 kilometers, the body will be injured. So if it’s a marathon, if you can get a total of 50 kilometers per week it’s okay to take part in a marathon. But there must be four months of preparation, for example, Monday 10 kilometers, Tuesday five kilometers, Wednesday a holiday, Thursday 10 kilometers, added the weekend of 15 kilometers was very good.

After running, it is recommended that you walk a little for five minutes, then sit with your legs straightened. In addition, after exercise, it is also recommended to eat foods that contain protein.