There are times when a person experiences a sudden surge of negative emotions or thoughts in which his body, mind, and spirit react to bad things. Generally, negative energy leads to depression. There are also some other effects that are quite harmful. Sometimes, it might also come from a black magic ritual that has been targeted on you.

Well, here we will explore some of the signs when a person’s body is controlled by negative energy, such as:

Feeling tired all day long

If you feel tired all day, and you also often feel frustrated quickly, negative energy may be swarming around you. Sometimes you also experience ups and downs of emotions like a ‘loser’ riding a roller coaster. Even though you have plenty of time to rest and you have done well, but still feel tired. This can be the most recognizable sign.

Easily infected with a disease

The next signs are a weakened immune system so that the body is often sick, or often dangerous viral infections occur. The time comes, you will be easily attacked by infections, such as skin, respiratory infections, and so forth. This is a form of a decreased immune system because too much negative energy surrounds you.

Bad communication

Negative energy can manifest when you communicate with other people, but the person you are talking to does not understand what you have said. It could be because your words are difficult to understand or indeed you yourself are also difficult to explain what you want to say. It might sound trivial, but this is a form of strong negative energy in your body.

Having nightmares often

The intensity of someone who has nightmares can also be a sign of high negative energy. It usually occurs on several nights when you experience stress, depression or a bad mood.

Apart from all that, your subconscious mind is trying to remind you that there is currently a lot of negative energy around you and immediately increase positive energy.