When a note is united with the rhythmic accompaniment that becomes a unified, regular order into harmony, then we agree music producers near me to call it music. An art based on sound beauty and harmonious composition. That’s what a person must understand when they are looking for answers to How to become a music producer. Basically, any music that is made, as long as it is based on these three elements (tone, rhythmic, and harmony) with a harmonious composition, a music/song will sound good to the ear. What distinguishes it is the contents of the song itself, or in this case pursed into the song lyrics. Although there are also a number of songs/music instruments that do not need a lyric to convey the message, through the nuances brought by the music composition itself.

Lyrics’ role becomes very important in displaying the contents/messages that the song wants to bring to the listener. Here a song’s lyrics can ultimately be categorized into good songs and less good songs. Even though it is basically good or bad, good or not in work is relative and cannot be defined. But when a song does not bring any message to the listener to be better, then the song becomes meaningless other than as entertainment that invites us to shake or dissolves in mellow rhythm to the rhythm that the song brings.

The listener should get something from what he hears through the lyrics of the song he hears. Good lyrics can invite the listener to be better when listening to it. Lyrics can also be a strength to be able to break any boundary.

Apart from all that in the end everything becomes the choice of the listener wants or likes songs with lyrics like what. Or maybe even the listener has no choice in the choice of a good song because of the producer’s monopoly, which creates the market for the original song, which is important to sell and is profitable in terms of sales. Everything becomes the origin of the cultivation. Music and lyrics become the origin, without thinking if a work is good it has a good impact on the audience (in this case listeners who enjoy music). Worse is the media propaganda without filtering out which works are good which are not good.