The longer the house is lived, the more items will be filled. The available space for new items are not increase Therefore we must think of the idea of ​​storing goods in the home. Some people might choose to rent 工业垃圾箱 but others don’t want to do it because they are prone to theft.

Only a few houses have storage areas that fit the needs of residents. Every family has different needs and habits and the storage of goods must be adjusted. Usually, people store things in a certain place for two main reasons, namely to be easily found and to make the house look neat.

An area that is used as a good storage area can help you expand your space, save space, and make it function more efficiently. Therefore, to present the save area, you can use the corners of the “rest” in each room.

With some storage ideas below, your storage area is not only easy to reach and looks neat, but will also add aesthetic value to your home.

Cabinets Under the Stairs
The solution to saving in a small residential can be solved by using every gap, one area under the stairs. You can make a storage cabinet for shoes, hand tools, bookshelves, or even clothes. However, before making it is better to first determine the function of the area to adjust to the needs according to the surrounding space.

Hang the Cookware
Cookware such as a spatula and cutting board — sometimes take up a lot of space in a kitchen. Besides, usually, because they are placed carelessly, these tools are often difficult to find, even though they are used very often. With hangers such as poles located near the cooking or sink area, these tools are more visible, making them easily accessible.

Take advantage of the Under the Chair
This area is an area that is rarely used, even though it can be used as a storage area. You can add storage in the form of drawers that can be pushed.

Book Storage
For people who like to read, books are mandatory objects that are always there at home, and sometimes in large quantities. As a storage idea, you can make long shelves on the study table. Use the stairs so the book is easy to grab.