Usually, the paint color of the wall on one’s home describes the person’s personality. you must know that many people choose the color of house paint according to their favorite color. This is certainly an interesting thing because their personalities can be emanated from the house they occupy. To paint the house, usually, they do not do it alone, they usually use the services of to not bother and fear the color of the paint becomes messy.

To see the character of a person from the house he occupies, we can see it from the paint color they choose for the house. some paint colors can describe their character homeowners, some of the paint colors is

1. Red
Red has an energy attraction that can generate adrenaline. This color can also generate excitement. Someone who chooses this color for house paint merely has a cheerful soul and adrenaline rush. This color is also widely used for the living room and dining room because it can cause proximity in speaking. If used as the paint color of the entrance, this gives a very strong first impression.

2. Blue
This color gives the impression of calm and relaxed. Usually, homeowners who use the blue color has a relaxed nature and has a warm personality. There are several types of blue colors that give the impression of relaxing and calm, such as periwinkle, bright blue, sky blue or turquoise. This color accent is also often used for family walls, living room or large kitchen.

3. Yellow
Yellow color gives the impression of joy. This impression is very appropriately applied to the kitchen’s wall and the small room. Because in addition to giving the impression cheerful, yellow also gives a broad and warm impression in welcoming guests.
Things to note in using this color is better not used in the main color. Because many who think that this color tends to make people lose patience and provoke anger.