Body health is vital to be maintained. Mainly to maintain cleanliness in the house, because healthy indeed starts from home. Clean air inside the house is critical to maintaining. By using hvac Columbia SC, it can help keep fresh air in the house.

This is important because dirty air in the house can cause illness in the body. This is because air pollution that is continuously inhaled every time can cause damage to organ function. So what are the diseases caused by dirty air that can occur? Following the review.

– Impact on respiratory organs
It is undeniable, and the lungs are the most severely affected organs if you continue to breathe dirty air. Some diseases that arise due to air pollution such as respiratory infections, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to lung cancer.

– Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
Maybe you ask, what is the relationship between dirty air with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. But apparently, there is a clear connection to this problem. This happens because the pollution particles that have passed through the lungs into the bloodstream and attack the vessels to the heart.

– Disorders of pregnancy
During pregnancy, the health of the mother is the main thing. Unfortunately, poor air quality can cause weight loss, impaired fetal growth, premature birth, and impaired mental and physical development.

Therefore, maintaining cleanliness in the house is very important, this also applies to the furniture in it. Because purity in the house also depends on the activities carried out. One of them is to maintain the cleanliness of air conditioners in the home. When choosing an air conditioner for the room, make sure the air conditioner product can provide support to you and your family’s health. Doing service at least three months is a must.