What do you do if your favorite phone is damaged or lost? Angered and confused, of course. But all those risks can be minimized by ensuring your cell phone. At present, there are enough companies that offer cell phone insurance. The number of daily activities with the risk of damage can not be avoided. This presence Device Protection from Brightstar Corp. that acquires Risk Insure can reduce worry while providing a sense of security and comfort for customers to use cell phones in any activity every day. Benefits obtained by the insurance policyholder include payment of compensation for the cost of repair services and replacement costs for parts at the service center, to the replacement of units with similar brands, types, and specifications, or in the form of a repurchase voucher in case of total damage, a maximum of the insurance price.

Reimbursement of claims for cell phone loss or damage that can be done twice in one insurance period is an attractive benefit to be reckoned with by the customer. Physical damage due to accidents or user errors is a very frightening specter for smartphone users at this time. Especially if the smartphone purchased has exceeded the fairness threshold, which is above hundreds of dollars.

The problem, even though your smartphone’s price is that crazy, but if the damage is caused by usage, then the manufacturer does not want to know even though it is still under warranty. Service, maybe it can be free. But yes subject to replacement costs. The spare parts? Yes, it’s not free. Not a factory defect problem. And the price? It could be half or almost the price of a new smartphone. So for that, now there is more insurance for things like smartphones? The choice of insurance is also diverse, no longer only one or two insurance companies that hold it. Well, now, after you know there is insurance for smartphones, don’t worry, right, if your smartphone is splashed with water or is it stolen? There is insurance.